Do Good 2017 Pitch : Omarest Park

Omarest Park

The Unwinders

Heyward Harvin, Anne Sinclair, Emily Jones, SaBrina Jeffcoat, Heather Cooper, Michael Dantzler, Trahern Cook, Melanie Huggins

Located at Richland County's Broad River Property, adjacent to the Columbia Rowing Club, Omarest Park is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and neighborhood residents. The proximity to downtown Columbia makes it a daily destination for paddlers, fishermen and nature lovers. Key features include a boardwalk, fishing dock, and picnic tables.

Do Good 2017 Pitch : Friday's Ferry

Friday's Ferry

Great Granby

Meghan Hickman, Tanisha Brown, Katie Altman, Josh Bucher, Patel Punam, Donna Teuber, Sarah Shuster

Located at Granby Park, Friday's Ferry is a community space that celebrates the past, present and future. Key features include a distillery, monthly brewery events, botanical and sculpture gardens, picnic tables and creation stations.

Do Good 2017 Pitch : River Arts Cafe

The RAC, River Arts Cafe

Tap the River

Tameria Warren, Matt Mundy, Kristy Ellenberg, Jane Beach, Jeff Lawler, Nimai Garrett, Mary Catherine Bredeman, Roberta Phillips 

Located at Riverfront Park's Diversion Dam, The RAC (River Arts Cafe) creates an outdoor space where visitors can engage with local art, food and the river. Key features include captivating views, local art displays, interactive community chalkboard, container cafes, and unique dining options.