The River

The living pulse of the City of Columbia flows in our three beautiful rivers – the Broad, the Saluda and the Congaree. They are our city’s most distinct and treasured natural resource.

For decades, conservationists, developers, elected officials and planners have worked to create public access to and increase usage and enjoyment of our waterways.

However, even with intense local interest in the subject of our rivers, when we talk about how to enhance our city’s livability, there are always questions about the river, including: How can we increase access? How can we make it easier for people to use and enjoy? How can we let people know what already exists?

In 2017, Do Good Columbia was dedicated to furthering these efforts and creating solutions developed by members of the community who understand the importance and majesty of our waterways. 


As a part of 2017's initiative, the focus was on increasing access to and enjoyment of our beautiful rivers.