Do Good Columbia

Do Good Columbia is a two-day community problem-solving workshop led by Richland Library that uses human-centered design techniques to develop creative solutions to community problems. In its inaugural year, which took place Friday, September 15 and Saturday, September 16, 2017, Do Good focused on increasing access to, usage and enjoyment of, our rivers.

During Do Good Columbia, diverse stakeholders, including business leaders, connected community members, artists, and end-users are at the center of the weekend workshops. At the end, teams present their ideas to a panel of judges who select concepts for funding and implementation.



Do Good Columbia is a model for community problem solving. Talented, spirited groups of citizens will come together for a weekend, engage in a creative design process and develop actionable solutions to community problems.


The Do Good model can be used to tackle almost any issue or problem facing the Columbia community.


Grant and private funding make it possible to implement some of the solutions developed during the weekend and revitalize the rivers for our community.


In addition to having fun and serving the community, Do Good gives participants the opportunity to network and connect with some of the most dynamic and influential people in the Columbia, S.C., area.

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