Riverfront Precedents Part 2 - The Waterfront Center

The  Waterfront Center , a nonprofit educational organization, was formed in 1981 on the belief that waterfronts often represent the best opportunity for community enhancement and enrichment.

The chief goal of the Center is to assist communities in making the wisest and best choices for long-term use of waterfront resources for maximum public benefit. 

Along with organizing a major annual international conference on waterfront planning, development and culture, since 1983 they have also run specialty workshops on topics like aquarium planning and management, gambling pros and cons, project financing and "the spirit of cities." 

The most interesting, and likely one of the best, places gain information on what other parts of the country, and the world, have done is its international awards program, "Excellence on the Waterfront."  It began in 1987 and recognizes the top projects and visionary plans annually.